Book Summaries, Reviews and Opinions

This is where I keep track of the books I read and write small summaries about things in them that I find interesting.

The Books I Read and Love

If the name of this website does’t already give it away, let me tell you that I love books. I love books of all kinds, but mainly nonfiction books about history and warfare, as well as biographies of interesting people and science fiction.

My goal for this section of the website is to share the books I read with you and tell you a bit about each of them. These will not be formal book reviews or summaries, but mainly a short description of what the book was about and some references to things I thought were interesting, good, or bad about it. I hope you will enjoy our journey through bookland together.

““When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.””

– Erasmus

What Makes the List and What Doesn't

The only criteria for a book being summarized or discussed by me here is that I have read it. I read a lot of books, and not all of them are that interesting or worth the effort to write about. So not every book I read will be discussed here.

Now it may seem a bit solipsistic for me to write about the books I have read, but as they say write about what you know.

What you will probably not see in here is any discussion of the classics or books that everyone reads. One reason is that my reading tastes are not mainstream. Although I was exposed to the classics when I took a degree in English Literature, the books I read for my courses were books I was forced to read and not ones I wanted to read. I may be accused of heresy for saying this, but I think Shakespeare is boring and pretentious.

As Mark Twain once said, ” A Classic is a book which people praise and don’t read.”  So what you will find here are the random books of an eclectic reader who loves to discover new authors online or at used book stores, who shuns the best sellers, but adores the offbeat, the quirky, the stores of arcane knowledge and the side alleys of human thought and experience.

Some Quotes About Books

“If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.”

– Francois Mauriac

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”

– Diane DuaneJ

“Books were my pass to personal freedom.”

Oprah Winfrey

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