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Example Phrases of Great Phrases to Use in Business Memos and Emails

Here you will find an archive of wonderful prepositional phrases that you can use to make your writing better. What are prepositional phrases? They are an underused way of linking two related concepts or adjectives by a preposition (of, with, by, to. into, etc) to create a paired adjective, a whole which is greater than its parts. When you read through this list you may find yourself wondering why you don't use this method more often. In fact, some of these beautiful prepositional phrases should be part of everyone's toolkit for writing and speaking with impact and vigor (see what I did there?)

Preposition "of"


abandon of spontaneity

abatement of misery

aberrations of judgment

abhorrence of meanness

absence of vainglory

abyss of ignominy

accent of conviction

accretions of time

accumulation of ages

accuracy of aim

acquisition of knowledge

activity of attention

acuteness of sensibility

admixture of fear

affectation of content

affinity of events

age of ignorance

agility of brain

agony of despair

air of assumption

ambitious of success

amiability of disposition

amplitude of space

anachronisms of thought

anchor of moderation

angle of vision

annulment of influence

aping of manners

apostle of culture

ardor of life

arrogance of opinion

aspect of grandeur

assumption of sternness

atmosphere of obscurity

attitude of mind

attribute of weakness

austerities of fanaticism

authority of manner

avalanche of scorn

avenues of dissemination


babel of tongues

ban of exclusion

barren of enthusiasm

barriers of reticence

bars of sunlight

basis of fact

beam of moonlight

beast of prey

beauty of imagery

beggared of faith

bent of mind

betrayal of trust

bevy of maidens

bewilderment of feeling

birds of prey

bit of portraiture

bitterness of anguish

blackness of spirit

blandishments of society

blast of adversity

blaze of fury

blend of dignity

bliss of solitude

bloom of earth

blow of fate

boldness of conception

bond of alliance

bone of contention

bouts of civility

breach of law

breath of life

breeze of anxiety

brilliancy of wit

brimful of fun

broil of politics

brood of emotions

brow of expectation

brunt of disgrace

bulk of mankind

bundle of conceptions

buoyancy of youth

burden of proof

burst of confidence

business of life


cadences of delirium

calmness of manner

calumny of passion [calumny = maliciously lying to injure a reputation]

caprice of inclination

careless of opinion

catholicity of spirit [catholicity = universality]

cause of solicitude

celerity of movement [celerity = swiftness; speed]

chain of evidence

change of habitude

chaos of confusion

chill of indifference

chimera of superstition [chimera = fanciful illusion]

chorus of approbation [approbation = warm approval; praise]

circle of hills

clamor of envy

clap of thunder

clarity of thinking

clash of arms

cloak of ecclesiasticism

code of morals

cogency of argument

combination of calamities

command of wit

community of interest

compass of imagination

complexity of life

confidence of genius

conflict of will

conquest of difficulty

consciousness of peril

constellation of luminaries

contagion of conflict

continuity of life

contradiction of terms

contrariety of opinion

convulsion of laughter

copiousness of diction

cord of sympathy

countenance of authority

courage of conviction

course of existence

courtliness of manner

cover of hospitality

crash of thunder

creature of circumstance

criteria of feeling

crown of civilization

crudity of thought

cry of despair

curl of contempt

current of thought


darkness of calamity

dash of eccentricity

dawning of recognition

day of reckoning

daylight of faith

decay of authority

declaration of indifference

deeds of prowess

defects of temper

degree of hostility

delicacy of thought

delirium of wonder

depth of despair

dereliction of duty

derogation of character

despoiled of riches

destitute of power

desultoriness of detail [desultoriness = haphazard; random]

device of secrecy

devoid of merit

devoutness of faith

dexterity of phrase

diapason of motives [diapason = full, rich, harmonious sound]

dictates of conscience

difference of opinion

difficult of attainment

dignity of thought

dilapidations of time

diminution of brutality

disabilities of age

display of prowess

distinctness of vision

distortion of symmetry

diversity of aspect

divinity of tradition

domain of imagination

drama of action

dream of vengeance

drop of comfort

ductility of expression

dull of comprehension

duplicities of might

dust of defeat


earnestness of enthusiasm

easy of access

ebullitions of anger [ebullitions = sudden, violent outpouring; boiling]

eccentricity of judgment

ecstasy of despair

effect of loveliness

efficacy of change

effusion of sentiment

elasticity of mind

element of compulsion

elevation of sentiment

eloquence of passion

emotions of joy

emulous of truth [emulous = prompted by a spirit of rivalry]

encroachments of time

encumbrance of mystery

energy of youth

enigma of life

equanimity of mind

era of fads

error of judgment

essence of eloquence

excellence of vision

excess of candor

excitation of purpose

excursiveness of thought

exhibition of joy

exhilaration of spirits

expenditure of energy

explosion of rage

expression of sternness

extension of experience

extravagance of eulogy

extremity of fortune

exuberance of wit


fabric of fact

facility of expression

faculty of perception

failure of coordination

feast of reason

feats of strength

feebleness of purpose

feeling of uneasiness

felicities of expression

fertility of invention

fervor of devotion

fickleness of fortune

field of activity

fierceness of jealousy

fineness of vision

fire of imagination

firmament of literature

firmness of purpose

fit of laughter

fitness of circumstance

fixity of purpose

flag of truce

flash of humor

flashlight of introspection

fleetness of foot

flexibility of spirit

flicker of recognition

flight of fancy

flood of hatred

flourish of manner

flower of life

fluctuation of fortune

flush of youth

flutter of expectation

fog of sentimentalism

force of conviction

forest of faces

form of captiousness [captiousness = point out trivial faults]

fountain of learning

fragment of conversation

frame of mind

frankness of manner

freak of fancy

freedom of enterprise

frenzy of pursuit

freshness of feeling

frigidity of address

frivolity of tone

frown of meditation

fulfilment of purpose

fulness of time

fury of resentment

futility of pride


gaiety of spirit

gales of laughter

garb of thought

garlands of roses

gateway of fancy

gem of truth

genuineness of sentiment

gesture of despair

gift of repartee

glamor of sensationalism

glare of scrutiny

gleam of light

glib of speech

glimmer of suspicion

glory of salvation

glow of enthusiasm

gorgeousness of coloring

grace of simplicity

gradations of outrage

grandeur of outline

grasp of comprehension

gravity of manner

greatness of nature

greed of office

grimace of disappointment

grimness of spirit

grip of attention

groundwork of melancholy

growth of experience

guide of aspiration

gulf of incongruity

gust of laughter


harbor of refuge

harvest of regrets

haven of rest

haze of distance

heat of enthusiasm

height of absurdity

hint of bitterness

hopeful of success

horizon of life

horror of solitude

hubbub of talk

hue of divinity

hum of pleasure

hush of suspense


ideals of excellence

idol of society

illusion of youth

immensity of extent

immolation of genius

impatient of restraint

impetuosity of youth

implacability of resentment

impotent of ideas

impress of individuality

impulse of enthusiasm

imputation of eccentricity

incapable of veracity

independence of mind

index of character

indolence of temperament

indulgence of vanity

inequality of treatment

infinity of height

infirmity of temper

infusion of hatred

inheritance of honor

insensibility of danger

insolence of office

inspiration of genius

instability of purpose

instrument of expression

integrity of mind

intensity of faith

interchange of ideas

interval of leisure

intoxication of vanity

intrepidity of youth

intuition of immortality

invasion of thought

irony of life


jangle of sounds

jargon of philosophy

jumble of facts

justness of decision


keenness of intellect

kernel of truth

key of knowledge

keynote of success

king of finance

kinship of humanity


lack of restraint

languor of nature [languor = dreamy, lazy mood ]

lapse of time

laws of decorum

laxity of mind

legacy of thought

liberty of conscience

light of experience

limit of endurance

link of sequence

loftiness of spirit

look of dominance

loophole of escape

love of approbation [approbation = warm approval; praise]

lust of conquest

lustihood of youth

luxuriance of expression


magnanimity of mind

majesty of despair

man of iron

mantle of verdure [verdure = lush greenness of flourishing vegetation]

martyrdom of ambition

marvel of competency

mask of flippancy

mass of mediocrity

master of phrasing

maze of words

measure of absurdity

minister of vengeance

minuteness of description

miracle of miracles

mists of criticism

modesty of reserve

moment of lassitude

monster of ingratitude

monstrosities of character

mood of tranquillity

muddle of motives

multitude of details

mummery of words [mummery = meaningless ceremonies and flattery]

murmur of satisfaction

mutations of time

myriads of stars

mysteries of taste


narrowness of range

nebulae of romance

nectar of enjoyment

neglect of duty

niceties of difference

nightingale of affection

nobility of purpose

note of triumph


obduracy of mind [obduracy = intractable; hardened]

object of contempt

obligation of loyalty

obliquity of vision [obliquity = mental deviation or aberration]

obscurity of twilight

ocean of eloquence

omission of fact

onrush of life

onsets of temptation

openness of mind

opulence of detail

orgy of lying

ornaments of eloquence

outbreak of hostilities

outburst of tears

outflow of sympathy

outposts of morality

overflow of vitality


page of desolation

pageant of life

pang of regret

parade of erudition [erudition = extensive learning]

passion of patriotism

passivity of mind

pattern of virtue

peals of laughter

pendulum of opinion

pensiveness of feeling

perils of fortune

period of lassitude

perturbation of mind

perversity of chance

pests of society

petrifaction of egoism [petrifaction = fossilization; paralyzed with fear]

phantom of delight

phase of belief

physiognomy of nature

piece of pedantry [pedantry = attention to detail]

pinions of eloquence [pinions = primary feather of a bird]

pinnacle of favor

pit of oblivion

plainness of speech

play of fancy

plea of urgency

plenitude of power

point of view

poise of mind

policy of severity

portent of danger

power of imagination

precipice of stupefaction

precision of phrase

prerogative of age

presence of mind

pressure of expediency

presumption of doubt

prey of fancy

pride of life

process of effacement

profundity of thought

profusion of argument

progress of events

promptings of reason

propriety of action

provocative of scorn

puff of applause

pulse of life

purity of diction

pursuit of knowledge

puzzledom of life


quagmire of distrust

qualities of leadership

qualm of conscience

question of honor

quickness of apprehension

quivering of pain


radiance of morning

range of experience

rashness of intention

ravages of time

ray of hope

reaches of achievement

realities of life

realm of peace

rebound of fascination

rectitude of soul

redress of grievances

redundance of words

refinement of style

reins of life

relish of beauty

remorse of guilt

residue of truth

resoluteness of conviction

resource of expression

restraint of speech

revel of imagination

revulsion of feeling

richness of outline

riddle of existence

ridicule of ignorance

riot of words

ripeness of wisdom

roars of exultation

robe of humility

robustness of mind

root of individuality

round of platitudes

rush of agony

rust of neglect

ruts of conventionality


sadness of soul

sanguine of success [sanguine = cheerfully confident; optimistic]

sanity of judgment

savoring of quackery

scantiness of resources

scarves of smoke

school of adversity

scrap of knowledge

scruple of conscience

searchlight of truth

semblance of composure

sensation of pity

sense of urgency

sentiment of disapprobation [approbation = warm approval; praise]

sequence of events

serenity of mind

severity of style

shackles of civilization

shade of doubt

shadow of truth

shallowness of thought

shock of apprehension

shouts of approval

shower of abuse

shriek of wrath

shuttle of life

sigh of wind

singleness of purpose

slave of malice

slough of ignorance

slumber of death

smile of raillery [raillery = good-natured teasing; banter]

solace of adversity

soul of generosity

source of renown

spark of perception

species of despotism

spell of emotion

sphere of influence

spice of caricature

splendor of imagination

spur of necessity

start of uneasiness

stateliness of movement

sting of satire

stolidity of sensation

storehouse of facts

storm of criticism

stream of humanity

stress of life

string of episodes

stroke of fate

substratum of belief

subtlety of intellect

succession of events

suggestion of fancy

sum of happiness

summit of misery

sunshine of life

supremacy of good

surface of events

surfeit of verbiage [surfeit = supply to excess]

surge of pathos

suspense of judgment

suspicion of flattery

sweep of landscape

symbol of admiration

system of aspersion


taint of megalomania

tardiness of speech

task of conciliation

tempest of passion

tenacity of execution

tenderness of sentiment

term of reproach

threshold of consciousness

thrift of time

thrill of delight

throb of compunction

throng of sensations

tide of humanitarianism

timid of innovation

tincture of depreciation

tinge of mockery

tissue of misrepresentations

tolerant of folly

tone of severity

top of ambition

torrent of fervor

totality of effect

touch of severity

touchstone of genius

trace of bitterness

tradition of mankind

train of disasters

trait of cynicism

trance of delight

transport of enthusiasm

trappings of wisdom

trend of consciousness

tribute of admiration

trick of fancy

tumult of applause

turmoil of controversy

turn of events

twilight of elderliness

twinge of envy


unity of purpose

universality of experience


vagrancy of thought

valley of misfortune

vanguard of progress

vehemence of manner

vehicle of intercourse

veil of futurity

vein of snobbishness

velocity of movement

vestige of regard

vicissitudes of life [vicissitudes = sudden or unexpected changes]

vision of splendor

vividness of memory

voice of ambition

void of authority

volume of trade

vow of allegiance


warmth of temperament

waste of opportunity

wave of depression

wealth of meaning

weariness of sorrow

web of villainy

weight of argument

whiff of irritation

whirl of delight

whirligig of life

whirlwind of words

wilderness of perplexities

wiles of innocence

word of opprobrium [opprobrium = disgrace from shameful conduct]

work of supererogation [supererogation = to do more than is required]

world of fantasy

worthy of mention


yoke of convention


zest of enjoyment

zone of delusion

Preposition "by"


affected by externals

allayed by sympathy

animated by victory

appraised by fashion

assailed by conscience

attained by effort

avert by prayer


ballasted by brains

beset by difficulties

bound by opinion

branded by defeat


characterized by discretion

chastened by sorrow

cheek by jowl

circulated by malice

clogged by insincerity

colored by environment

condemned by posterity

confirmed by habit

consoled by prayer

convinced by argument

convulsed by divisions


darkened by shadows

dazzled by fame

depraved by pain

devoured by curiosity

disgusted by servility

driven by remorse


embarrassed by timidity

encouraged by success

enfeebled by age

enforced by action

enjoined by religion

enriched by gifts

established by convention

evoked by shame


fascinated, by mystery

favored by fortune

fettered by systems

fired by wrath

forbid by authority

fortified by faith


governed by precedent

guided by instinct


haunted by visions

hushed by denial


impelled by duty

inculcated by practise

induced by misrepresentation

influenced by caution

inspired by love


learned by rote


marked by acuteness

measured by years


narrowed by custom


occasioned by irritation

oppressed by destiny


parched by disuse

persuaded by appeal

portray by words

prescribed by custom

prevented by chance

prompted by coquetry

purged by sorrow


racked by suffering

refuted by reason

repelled by censure

restrained by violence

rising by industry


sanctioned by experience

shaped by tradition

soured by misfortune

stung by derision

supplanted by others

supported by evidence


thwarted by fortune

tempered by charity

tormented by jealousy

tortured by doubt


unadorned by artifice

undaunted by failure

undetermined by sorrow

undone by treachery

unfettered by fear

urged by curiosity


vitalized by thought


won by aggression

worn by time

wrenched by emotions

Preposition "in"


absorbed in meditation

affable in manner [affable = gentle and gracious]

atone in measure


barren in intellect

basking in sunshine

buried in solitude


call in question

clothed in truth

cloying in sweetness [cloying = too filling, rich, or sweet]

confident in opinion

confute in argument

contemplative in aspect

cumbrous in style [cumbrous = cumbersome; difficult to use]


deficient in insight

delight in learning

deterioration in quality

difference in detail

diligent in application

diminish in respect

dwarfed in numbers


end in smoke

enumerate in detail

experienced in duplicity


feeble in influence

fertile in consequence

flourish in luxuriance

founded in truth


gaze in astonishment

go in pursuit

graceful in proportion

grievously in error


hold in bondage


immersed in thought

indulge in reverie

inferior in character

influential in society

ingenuity in planning

instance in point

involved in obscurity


kept in abeyance


landmarks in memory

languish in obscurity

lie in wait

limited in scope

linger in expectation

listen in amazement

lost in awe

lower in estimation

luxuriant in fancy


monstrous in dulness

mysterious in origin


noble in amplitude

nursed in luxury


organized in thought


petulant in expression

plead in vain

pleasing in outline

plunged in darkness

positive in judgment

practical in application

pride in success

protest in vain

pursued in leisure


quick in suggestion


ready in resource

recoiling in terror

remote in character

revel in danger

rich in variety

rooted in prejudice


schooled in self-restraint

scrupulous in conduct

set in motion

skilled in controversy

sound in theory

stammer in confusion

stricken in years

strides in civilization

striking in character

stunted in growth


tender in sentiment


unique in literature

unity in diversity

unprecedented in kind


versed in knowledge


wallow in idolatry

wanting in dignity

waver in purpose

weak in conception

Preposition "into"


abashed into silence


beguile into reading

betray into speech

blending into harmony

bring into disrepute

bullied into silence

burn into memory

burst into view


call into question

carry into conflict

chill into apathy

coming into vogue

cringe into favor

crumbled into dust

crystallized into action


dash into fragments

deepen into confusion

degenerate into monotony

deluded into believing

descent into death

dissolve into nothingness

dragged into pursuit

drawn into controversy

dribbling into words

driven into servitude

dulled into acquiescence


electrify into activity

elevated into importance

enquire into precedents

enter into controversy

expand into weakness


fade into insignificance

fall into decay

fashion into festoons

flame into war

flower into sympathy

forced into action

frozen into form

fuse into unity


galvanize into life

go into raptures

goaded into action


hushed into silence


incursions into controversy

insight into truth

inveigled into dispute [inveigled = convince by coaxing, flattery]


kindle into action


lapse into pedantry [pedantries = attention to detail or rules]

lash into silence

launch into disapproval

lead into captivity

leap into currency

lulled into indifference


melt into space

merge into character


pass into oblivion

plunge into despair

pour into print


quicken into life


relapse into savagery

rendered into music

resolve into nothingness

retreat into silence

ripened into love

rush into print


shocked into attention

sink into insignificance

smitten into ice

snubbed into quiescence

stricken into silence

summoned into being

swollen into torrents


take into account

thrown into disorder

transform into beauty

translated into fact


usher into society


vanish into mystery


wander into digression

wheedled into acquiescence

withdraw into solitude

Preposition "to"


addicted to flattery

adherence to principle

affect to believe

akin to truth

alive to opportunity

allied to virtue

amenable to reason

aspire to rule

attempt to suppress

aversion to publicity


blind to demonstration

brought to repentance


claim to perpetuity

come to nothing

committed to righteousness

common to humanity

conducive to happiness

conformable to fact

consigned to oblivion

constrained to speak

contribution to knowledge


deaf to entreaty

dedicated to friendship

deference to custom

devoted to ideals

disposed to cavil [cavil = raise trivial objections]

doomed to destruction

driven to despair

dwarf to unimportance


empowered to act

endeared to all

excite to pity

exposed to derision


fly to platitudes

foredoomed to failure


given to extravagance

ground to atoms


harassed to death

hostile to progress


impervious to suggestion

impossible to reconcile

impotent to save

incentive to devotion

incitement to anger

inclined to vascillate

indifference to truth

intent to deceive

intolerable to society

inured to fatigue [inured = habituate to something undesirable]

invocation to sleep


laugh to scorn

left to conjecture

lost to remembrance


obedience to conscience

oblivious to criticism

offensive to modesty

open to reason

opposed to innovation


pander to prejudice

pertaining to fashion

prone to melancholy

propose to undertake

provoke to laughter

put to confusion


recourse to falsehood

reduced to impotence

related to eternity

repeat to satiety

repugnant to justice

requisite to success

resort to violence

run to seed


seek to overawe

serve to embitter

spur to action

stimulus to ambition

stirred to remonstrance

subject to scrutiny

succumb to fascination

superior to circumstances

susceptible to argument


temptation to doubt

tend to frustrate

trust to chance


utilize to advantage


venture to say

vital to success


wedded to antiquity


yield to reason

Preposition "with"


abounding with plenty

accord with nature

act with deliberation

adorn with beauty

afflict with ugliness

aflame with life

allied with economy

anticipate with delight

ascertain with exactness

attended with danger


beam with self-approval

behave with servility

big with fate

blinded with tears

blush with shame

branded with cowardice

bubbling with laughter

burn with indignation


cling with tenacity

clothe with authority

compatible with freedom

comply with tradition

conceal with difficulty

consistent with facts

covered with ignominy

crush with sorrow


deny with emphasis

depressed with fear

dispense with formality

distort with passion


echo with merriment

endow with intelligence

endued with faith [endued = provide with a quality; put on]

endure with fortitude

examine with curiosity


face with indifference

flushed with pride

fraught with peril

furious with indignation


glowing with delight


imbued with courage

incompatible with reason

inconsistent with beauty

inflamed with rage

inspired with patriotism

intoxicated with joy


kindle with enthusiasm


laugh with glee


meet with rebuke

mingled with curiosity

move with alacrity


oppressed with hardship

overcome with shyness

overflowing with love

overhung with gloom


performed with regularity

pervaded with grandeur

proceed with alertness

punish with severity


quicken with pride

quiver with anxiety


radiant with victory

regard with loathing

relate with zest

repel with indignation


saddle with responsibility

scream with terror

scrutinize with care

seething with sedition [sedition = conduct or language inciting rebellion]

sick with dread

sob with anguish

squirm with delight

suffuse with spirituality


tainted with fraud

teeming with life

tense with expectancy

thrill with excitement

throb with vitality

tinged with romance

touched with feeling

treat with contempt

tremble with fear


unmixed with emotion

utter with sarcasm


vibrant with feeling

view with awe


wield with power

work with zeal


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